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Hans and Matilda review by The Book Sniffer! (Steven Lenton)

The Book Sniffer (Steven Lenton, a very popular reviewer as well as a very talented art director and animator and also character designer. ) wrote a wonderful review for 'Hans and Matilda'! Book Sniffer

Thank you so much! I do really appreciate it.

Hans and Matilda - By Yokococo - Published by Templar Publishing

The good, the bad and the Pugly

This book has rightfully been shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards - and it's a good thing too because this is a bold and highly designed but totally accessible picture book for HIP kids!

Yokococo is one of our absolute faves! She's so incredibly cool it hurts! and this oozes out of this picture book in big bucket loads.
The limited palette is integral to this story and divides the pages into full colour on one side and red black and white on the other.

Two stories feature side by side introducing the reader to a good little cat by the name of Matilda and an ever so naughty cat by the name of Hans. While Matilda the model citizen sits quietly and reads and tends the garden in the dead of night Hans is quite the opposite and up to all manner of ASBO mischief!

The story culminates in naughty pickle with Hans releasing all the animals from the zoo into the town causing heap loads of havok!  Luckily good old Matilda knows just what to do when the police offer a reward for turning Hans in. ... When Hans is apprehended by the local fuzz we are all in for a big surprise! but who's that under the mask?
A clever story with lots of amusing detail - whack a copy in your swag bag as soon as possible

The Book Sniffer awards this book a spray can a bandit mask a bunch of keys and a reward out of 5! LOVELY!


  1. Read Hans and Matilda for the first time yesterday, gorgous! Why don't more picture books have an awesome twist?