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Illustration auction to help raise money for WAR CHILD

My wonderful friend Leigh Hodgkinson has organized a charity illustration auction to help raise money for War Child. 

Please go to this website and join the auction
in you are interested in buying a piece of various  famous children's books illustrators in the UK and help raise money for children who are suffering from War.

The auction finishes Sunday 7th September 2014.

This is my work in the auction.

real size 21cmx25cm
White letters were actually silver painted


The Hans and Matilda Show has been selected one of 6 of the best children's books for 3-5 year olds, as chosen by expert bookshop staff

from  Junior Magazine 

The Hans and Matilda Show has been selected one of 6 of the best children's books for 3-5 year olds, as chosen by expert bookshop staff!

THE HANS AND MATILDA SHOW by Yokococo (Templar, £6.99)

"A second appearance for the little girl who disguises herself as the naughtier Hans, here creating chaos in the guise of her alter-ego at the school talent show. It all comes right in the end when Matilda herself makes a magical reappearance and saves the day.  A fun and subversive page turner!"
Chosen by Newham Bookshop in East London.


The Hans and Matilda Show is published in the UK now!

My latest book 'The Hans and Matilda Show' is published in the UK now!

This is the second story of Hans and Matilda as a series.

Hans and Matilda will make outstanding performances in a school show this time.

Hope you'll like this story too.


Babybookish review

My publisher told me that US based blogger Babybookish had written a lovely review for Matilda and Hans.

Thank you so much, Rachael!
Your baby looks so cute.


Review by There's A Book!

There's A Book wrote a lovely review for 'Matilda and Hans'.
It was wonderful to see Littlebug and Turkeybird giggling over my book. Thank you so much!

Littlebug and Turkeybird
©There's A Book

Me Book 'Hans and Matilda'

Hans and Matilda has been released as a Me Book recently.
Me Book is an application for iPad and iPhone for kids to read and play with.
And even kids can record their own voices and edit the books on their own.
I haven't seen the finished version but it sounds very sweet and fun.


Hans i Matylda on Vimeo

I found the very very cute video here.


Mom me story

I am very happy to find that Mom me story (a moms website that features content for moms at every life stage from baby to empty nest)
has featured 'Matilda and Hans' (US version name
for Hans and Matilda)
as one of the books which keep your kids entertained this summer.

Thank you so much!!



I've just finished the 2nd "Hans and Matilda" book called "The Hans and Matilda Show".
There are several new characters in it.
One of them is Tony.

You can imagine what he is like.