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a memory of my dad-4

My dad loved watching baseball and also playing baseball.
He kept saying that he had been an amazing pitcher when he was young.

The problem was that he started pitching( of course without real ball just pretending as if
there was a ball) whenever and wherever he had to wait for something for example
trains, buses or subways etc and if there was any space for it.

Only we could do was just trying to pretend we were not his family...


A memory of my dad-3

My dad was such a hard worker. He loved studying, researching his study (reading TONS OF BOOKS and visiting places and interviewing people etc….) teaching at an university, giving lectures and of course writing books and articles etc…

Usually men can't do many things at the same time but my dad was different.
He listened to the radio ( Hiroshima Carp was his favorite baseball team. It was quite difficult to see their games on TV in Osaka area. So he needs to listen to the radio instead.) ,
watching a baseball game of the major teams on TV,
reading some books and
eating one of his favorite sweetened beans jelly at the same time.
Normally people cut beans jelly into small pieces and eat gradually but my dad ate beans jelly like a chocolate bar or something….probably because of that I don't really like beans jelly so much...


a memory of my dad-2

My dad loved eating food as well as food shopping and cooking. In particular
he loved having guests at home and treating people his cooking and looking the people
having the treat happily.
Most of the time when I was a kid, he invited dinner some people at home.
Almost everyday his students came to my house and ate dinner and talk till midnight….
Even they called my dad "Daddy" and called my mum "Mummy".

But he never ever tidied up after dinner....He used all the pans and dishes for cooking…
The kitchen was such a mess after dinner...poor my mum!

a memory of my dad -1

My dad loved to commute by bike to an university where he used to teach. He also loved to wear wooden sandals which were not so popular among Japanese people anymore at all.
And he went for food shopping on the way back home. At that time it was so rare to find a man who
went for food shopping.
When I was a  teenagert, it was quite embarrassing to bump into him with lots of plastic bags from a
supermarket and sometimes flowers etc...on his bike (and wearing wooden sandals! )  especially when I was with my friends. I tried to hide somewhere...but he always found me and called me 'YOKO!'
quite loudly....!


'Island' Campaign by Nicky Singer

A great author Nicky Singer(and I am very proud to say that she is one of my friends!) is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for her new novel Island.

Please visit and support this campaign if you are interested.


Year of the Sheep!

2015 is Year of the Sheep.

A person who was born in a year of the Sheep
tends to be calm and sincere. And he/she sometimes miss
a chance because of the too much kindness and carefulness. He/She could be a really good partner once he/she gets married.

Wish all of you'll have Happy New Year!


another range of Christmas robin cards.

These are my new range of Christmas cards.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful happy New Year!


Illustration auction to help raise money for WAR CHILD

My wonderful friend Leigh Hodgkinson has organized a charity illustration auction to help raise money for War Child. 

Please go to this website and join the auction
in you are interested in buying a piece of various  famous children's books illustrators in the UK and help raise money for children who are suffering from War.

The auction finishes Sunday 7th September 2014.

This is my work in the auction.

real size 21cmx25cm
White letters were actually silver painted


The Hans and Matilda Show has been selected one of 6 of the best children's books for 3-5 year olds, as chosen by expert bookshop staff

from  Junior Magazine 

The Hans and Matilda Show has been selected one of 6 of the best children's books for 3-5 year olds, as chosen by expert bookshop staff!

THE HANS AND MATILDA SHOW by Yokococo (Templar, £6.99)

"A second appearance for the little girl who disguises herself as the naughtier Hans, here creating chaos in the guise of her alter-ego at the school talent show. It all comes right in the end when Matilda herself makes a magical reappearance and saves the day.  A fun and subversive page turner!"
Chosen by Newham Bookshop in East London.