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A memory of my dad-3

My dad was such a hard worker. He loved studying, researching his study (reading TONS OF BOOKS and visiting places and interviewing people etc….) teaching at an university, giving lectures and of course writing books and articles etc…

Usually men can't do many things at the same time but my dad was different.
He listened to the radio ( Hiroshima Carp was his favorite baseball team. It was quite difficult to see their games on TV in Osaka area. So he needs to listen to the radio instead.) ,
watching a baseball game of the major teams on TV,
reading some books and
eating one of his favorite sweetened beans jelly at the same time.
Normally people cut beans jelly into small pieces and eat gradually but my dad ate beans jelly like a chocolate bar or something….probably because of that I don't really like beans jelly so much...

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