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US magazine Booklist reveiw!

Today is the publication day for the US version of "Hans and Matilda"... 
Matilda and Hans in the USA!

 unused spread for Hans and Matilda
(using different colour palette without brush lines on top)

And It was so exciting to find a lovely review on US magazine BOOKLIST.

Matilda and Hans.

Yokococo (Author) , Yokococo (Illustrator) May 2013. 32 p. Candlewick, hardcover, $16.99. (9780763664343).

Naughty or nice? Well, truth is, most kids are a little of both. This picture book wrestles with the whole angel/demon-on-the-shoulder bit in an interesting way. There’s Matilda, an oh-so-innocent-looking white cat in hair bows and polka dots. Then there’s Hans, a “naughty little cat” dressed like a bandit in black. While Matilda reads a book, Hans causes a ruckus with garbage can lids; while Matilda sweeps the floor, Hans paints red dots all over a house. Then one night, in the ultimate act of defiance, Hans steals the zookeeper’s keys and lets all the animals loose (“Oh, dear!”), and before long, there’s a one thousand dollar bounty on his head. Turns out Matilda knows exactly where to find Hans . . . because, when she puts on a hat, mask, and whiskers, she is Hans. (Can she have the reward now, please?) Yokococo’s graphic, textured images are full of charm, and the contrasting light and dark illustrations reinforce the good versus bad theme nicely. Kids will enjoy the surprise ending and may recognize the yin and the yang inside themselves.  — Ann Kelley

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